Just a tiny correction...but a heavy effect

This started out just as a simple correction, and turned into something else, taking on a life of it's own, but that is sort of how it is with us scatterbrained writers.

***I want to clarify something that I wrote on my last blog. Whenever I say that something or someone changed me, I always recognize that it (or they) is only a vessel or source that God uses! I do get excited and forget to say that sometimes. A dear friend sent an email today, and asked me to read John Piper's blog. It reminded me of the importance of God's Word (something that I can never get very far away from--He is always pulling me back). So I wanted to make sure that, in my excitement and determined focus to be well, that I am not forgetting, even for one moment, the Creator who made me, and who is also my Healer, my portion. And any glory for changing this depraved heart of mine must go to Him! I do believe that He uses people in our lives and that is vital to our survival. In the midst of wailing children, sticky gum on the floor, poo accidents-- the wake destruction of which Mama spends an hour cleaning, folded clothes all spilled in the floor, neverending assignments, errands, and requests, hopelessly sleepless nights frought with worry, the forcing to cope with stress and failing miserably, the daily attempt to give my children grace, and failing even more miserably, desperately trying to steal a quiet while to blog, write, and gather my senses--in the midst of all of that, it is easy to get wrapped up in just trying to be well, just trying to survive, and forget the One who is the author of it all. I so quickly overlook His healing hand in my life...the one who loves me more than anyone could fathom, and can change all this for me, into something joyous...that One, the only One is my Jesus and He is my portion, my Healer, my friend, and He holds this messy heart of mine and transforms it into beauty.


  1. Nacole, I am so glad that I found your blog and definitely look forward t reading future post.

  2. oh my goodness--Stacey! thanks! i have one other post;D--this is a brand spankin' new blog! more to come soon. i am humbled that anyone would follow, much less say they look forward to reading more! so, so humbled!

  3. hey woman! i finally got my computer today. the kids are in bed and the house is quiet before michaela gets home from school. i'm re-learning to type, it's so pitiful i'm so used to my blackberry!!! SO pitiful. it's the devil-berry. anyway, i've just read this latest post of yours, i've got my coffee beside me, ready to read the rest of your thoughts so far! i feel so priveleged that this mirrors the personal letters and e-mails you've written to me over the past few years...i've always wanted other women/people to hear/see what you have to say, and see what i have come to know in your heart. thank you for being bold enough to share and be vulnerable; i second what your other friends are saying, we are eager to read more! i'm eager to look at John Piper's blog as well! excited to begin following blogs regularly of those who have been encouraging me in my walk with God for years now. i'm excited. i love you with all my heart!
    oh yes! your page is beautiful, i love it!!!

  4. great! i sound silly, i know, but did you get to see the first post? since its my only "real" one so far, wanted you my dear friend to see it:) also, i just put up the new one. hope you enjoy, and i truly am humbled by your compliments and any compliments or excitement from anyone else. just humbled:) --not even sure how i am able to write-- it's all by his grace



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