31 Days of Fear

31 Days of Fear:
I am doing a 31 Day writing exercise to reflect on fear--the chains that keep me chained, pinned down, and won’t let me free. I’ll be writing on everything from my baby’s silence at 3 years old to my fear of the institutionalized church. I hope you’ll be along for a taste of glorious redemption! I hope to find Jesus in the midst of my fears. Jesus sits with sinners--I won't have to look very far. We could all use a little freedom from the chains of fear that bind, yes?

Collective: 31 Days of fear: 
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  1. Nice to read your 31 days challenge, I have similar project but in runs up entire live.
    Its about setting life goal by brian tracy. I have listed out 50 goals so far.

    the concept was to list it down and let the universe help to achieve it.



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