A Million Tiny Barbie Dolls

"This is my favorite verse in the whole bible", she reads aloud, "'The Spirit himself testifies with our spirit that we are God's children. Now if we are children, then we are heirs--heirs of God and co-heirs with Christ, if indeed we share in his suffering in order that we may also share in his glory.'"

I say, "Wow, that's one of my favorites too!"

"It just runs in my head all the time, but I had to look it up because all I could remember was Romans 8:16." And she keeps going. "We read that in Sunday School Church one day. She read the story and that was the verse at the end."

"Oh really? Why do you like it so much?"

"I just like it. I mean, I like to talk about it."

Then I hear her reciting to herself..."The spirit himself..." and her soft voice drones on and I assume she is reading.

"Oh man, I got it without looking!" And she laughs giddy. I am happy and proud to hear this.

She continues..."Romans 14:8...'Whether we live or die, we belong to the Lord.' That's funny--Whether we live or die, we belong to God--like He has us in His hands like a million barbie dolls!"

And they are some very big hands, and they do hold everything. All of us, and our sin, our relationship problems, our anxiety, fears, desires and needs.

There is nothing He doesn't hold--out of the mouth of babes.

#133 a day at the lake with family and friends

#134 Ivy's big proud grin--and her catch

#135 that He is holding me and everything that I worry about

#136 that He uses my children to speak to me--the assurance that in the midst of mistakes and struggles, I must be doing something of worth as a parent

#137 the grace to realize that though there are so many moments full of regret, there are double the moments of blessings if i only really see

#138 Bella sitting on her little bench, pigtails and dimples, "Nope...don't got him yet"...and how she waits until the fish bites really hard and then pulls him up!

#139 a moment for me and Husband to laugh about--our little Bella--oh how they bond us.

#140 Husband being attacked by Lilly's baby hands and the way he plays with her--it's these moments I love him most it seems

#141 a friend that invited us to the lakehouse--such a cheerful lady to be around, and laughter doeth good like a medicine

#142 able arms and legs to work in the yard and hold my baby with

#143 small baby with t-shirt too big for her and huge wet smile

#144 my health--though i have some issues yet to be healed of, i haven't had one infection or virus the last year

#145 a strong body to run the trails with

#146 a curious baby that keeps sneaking off toward the lake, helping mama learn the meaning of diligence.

#147 these moments of mistakes that allow opportunity for repentance and for me to model that for my children

#148 how that when i feel i fail my children and husband terribly and i loathe myself--there it is--the reason Christ died...and He gives silver linings in every cloud

#149 reasons to talk to my children about the gospel

#150 hearing my daughter recite scripture and the growing love of God's word

#151 eldest daughter cooking breakfast for everyone and lifting my spirit

#152 four-wheeler rides in the pouring rain and four little children soaking wet and grinning

#153 Husband's voicemail encouraging me

#154 a Sunday afternoon date with Husband, swinging together, head on shoulder, looking at the water

#155 a fall on the trail and a bruised and bloody knee while trying to encourage my father to keep up--a little humility

#156 the best part of it all--when i say "girls, you see how Mommy messes up?...do you know this is why..." and one or both interrupts me and says "why Jesus died on the cross for our sins, Mama?" and something inside me smiles and is satisfied.


  1. Oh thank you for linking up Nacole. Your story and your list - such a blessing for this tired and out-of-patience mama who now thinks she can get through the crazy bedtime hustle remembering how excited my three were to memorize Psalm 100 last summer and not the litany of whines today has brought in our home. Blessings upon blessings - our God is awesome, isn't He?! Smiles -

  2. Wow...Nacole, thank you for visiting Our Adventure with Boys. Your words were so encouraging! It was a blessing to read your list and see God's goodness (in good and bad) shine through.

  3. Oh that last one... *sniff*

    Yup. That's exactly it.

  4. Oh Nacole, I love this! A million barbie dolls - I so miss girl translation. My boys were mesmerized by God holding the entire universe in the palm of his hand - and since we just have boys - there's no barbie talk.

    And, you know, we all mess up - even in pools! LOL - I had one with a bent to jump in a pool the farthest away from where we were. So glad he stopped that!!! True failure is only when we give up. God doesn't expect us to be perfect; He knows we're going to miss it!

    BTW - I love your daughter's names! Sigh! Have an awesomely, blessed weekend!

  5. Amy, thank you so much for stopping by. i appreciate your words, and i am so happy i was able to help you, tired mama, to make it through an evening with your children with a breath of fresh air--we all need it. sometimes dont know what i would do without Ann's site and my word, to remind me of the grace that is available everyday and the thankfulness that is just around the corner, sometimes seeming elusive, but if i just relax and breathe it in, when the moments come, then it is so helpful for me and for them. God IS awesome, Amy, and i love this--encouraging one another from who knows where, connected by Christ, the head. thank you, dear sister.

  6. thank you, Jenna, for stopping by as well! a very pleasant surprise to see you here! i was so impressed with your site and the evidence of intense passion and grace there--the realness of the body and what that means--a dad baptizing his son in the lake while a few close believers watch on--can it get more real than that? so i subscribed because i want to know more. thank you, sister.

    Keisha, always a pleasure to have you here. glad i could make you *sniff*. and that IS what it is all about, isnt it? we can pursue so many things, but without the gospel laid out in our homes on a daily basis, what is the point? blessings to you, Keisha.

  7. MaryLeigh, thank you for being here--always a pleasure and perks me up to see you! im glad you liked it. sometimes, i think that if i didnt have girls, i would be given half of my life back at the end of my life because of all the time i would save in worrying over looking for matching bows and lost bows ;) but i guess girls and boys are different--thanks for pointing this out. i am so thankful for them, and i figure there must be a reason why God gave me this calling of raising 4 women--little women--hmmm...you may have just inspired a blog post, Mary Leigh, thanks! Bella's birthday is tomorrow and im so looking forward to it. i am so grateful for God's grace in my life that has made me able to have the energy to be excited and to plan, and really, really, enjoy this one moment--her 4th birthday--that only comes once in life.

    btw--they all have much longer names with two middle names,(maybe sometime i will tell you why) but we shortened them. you have a wonderful, blessed weekend as well! :)

  8. I spend half my life looking for soccer socks, cleats and jerseys! At least bows don't stink! LOL I love the idea of "Little Women" for a blog title - Grab it! Right now!!!

    About the commenting question - I've recently started running across blogs where authors respond to comments right there - and there are things that I like about that. However, I feel awkward responding to some comments that are one or two word greeting and encouragement. On facebook, you can click "like" as a thank you. When someone provides an opportunity for dialogue, like your comment did - well, then I feel comfortable doing that. I'm learning in this area - so it is what you feel comfortable doing as you grow because as you grow in blogging you change what you do.

    Hope Bella's birthday was awesome! I love 4:) - I think you need to do a post about their middle names - I did one about my boys' "spiritual" names I gave them, like Perceiver of Truth, Faithful, Joyful, Fire and Power of H.S., and Love: )

    Be Blessed!

  9. sweet pics!

    nice to meet you! Found you @ Ann V. blog!

    Love, Traci @ Ordinary Inspirations



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