Good-Bye To Winter {Five-Minute Friday}

On Fridays, we link up with Lisa-Jo at the gypsy-mama and we write for only five minutes with a one-word prompt, without worrying if it's perfect--no backtracking, over-thinking, or editing. In Lisa-Jo's words, we throw caution to the wind--in my words--FUN! Maybe you would like to join us? Click on her button at the bottom...So here goes...

Prompt: Good-bye.


Good bye to winter, that season that always brings cold through my soul.
Good bye to old ways and old habits, old days that were no good to me, but God knew
God knew something greater was forming
Good bye to despondency and guilt, depression and darkness
Good bye to the lull and the void
Good bye to days of nothingness and feeling worthless
God knows I am worth something--He knew me and formed me, knitted me
Good bye to the pain of bearing children that I feel inadequate to raise into little ladies into godly women
God knew that He would give me grace enough
Good bye to all those days that wore me down, drug me down with the weight of them and carried me to the depths
God knew that He would save me
Good bye to the days of not being strong enough to teach, shape, learn, listen, mold, love, cherish, honor, celebrate
Good bye to the babies that they were
God knew they would grow up and He would give me more than enough wisdom



  1. Oh my goodness, how potent and rich and deep with meaning... This one hit me deep down. I love you, Nacole. Yeah, I'm crying now. :') this was so personal, for you, and for me, the reader.
    My heart is beating thanks to God as I whisper these good-byes with you... <3 what depths.

  2. Lovely.
    We have to say good-bye in order for God to pour more into our souls. Looks like you're ready! :)

  3. So beautiful, Nacole! Such great good-by's, yet they seem to puncture the soul at the same time. There is something so strange about the human psyche -- as bad as a cold, dark hole can be for us, they become familiar, almost comfortable, because we know and understand that place. It takes a lot of guts sometimes to say "YES!" when the Lord asks us if we would like out of that hole, see the light, and to be made whole again. Your good-by's made me smile today --- you sounded like a real conqueror standing on the top of your mountain!!!!

  4. Beautiful writing, Nacole. Thank you for sharing your wonderful words with me.

  5. Yes - goodbye to feeling worthless! Boy I fought hard to say good-bye to that old thing. It was so freeing when it was gone. And I am always thankful to say good-bye to winter for I am a hot weather, sun shiney Texas girl! Blessings friend. You bless me by posting about the eBook. If you need anything email me at alenesnodgrass (@) gmail (dot) com.

  6. Great Good-byes so you can say Hello to all the good that God has for you, Nacole. Lovely...blessings to you and yours :)

  7. this is really beautiful... It stayed with me a bit... I read it I think the first day... but I have not had the chance to comment...

    I love your heart... true and pure and lovely... shining bright with His glory... even on the darkest of days...

    Love you...



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