When You Fear The Ember Going Out: A Love Letter {Day 13}

On Fridays, I join the community with Lisa-Jo Baker and write for five minutes with a one-word prompt, without editing, backtracking, or over-thinking. It's so freeing to write like I'm soaring! Here goes...



Look at me, Lover.
Naked before you, I have no pretenses.
My hair, matted from not brushing
You are the only one who sees me in all my imperfect glory
Look at me, longingly
Look at me and see me loving you so fiercely
It hurts
Dive into my eyes and enter into my soul
Feel the fire that burns there for you
Look at me and see the ember burning,
waving it's slow dance in the cold night
Fan the flames, Lover, and make them blaze
Higher, ever higher, hotter until it's all consuming
Look at me, unclothed before you,
not one strip of pride left
Not one patch of selfishness covering me
I've undone it all for you
Free-fall into me, Lover,
and learn of the joy and ecstasy that
waits for you there in my bosom
Cling to me, Lover, for dear life
Look at me, Lover, and let's not forget
how it felt when we first found one another,
that first time we clung in the night
to never let go

                                                                                                     photo credit


Today's one-word prompt was LOOK.

Writing like this is so freeing, friend! Would you like to join the writing flash mob? Follow this link to Lisa-Jo's...

Five Minute Friday


Also linking up with The Nester, and all the other 31-Dayers....This ought to be one wild, brave ride...

Do you struggle with fear-- of the love not being there, of the ember fading? Please tell me your story? Have you seen God redeem these fears in your marriage? Have you found grace? Your comments so encourage me. I draw strength from your kind words and knowing you were here. My faith walk is seasoned with the right ingredients when you hang around...

This is one post in a series of 31 days of Fear. You can find the entire 31 Day collective here. {I've jumped from Day 12 to Day 22 because I want to finish this series at the end of the month & this gal started late}

I hope you will come with me on this journey--to get a taste of glorious redemption as I soul-search and look for Jesus smack-dab in the middle of my fears. And Jesus sits with sinners. I won't have to look very far.

I pray God gives me the strength and the courage to complete 31 days--y'all, it's going to be hard on this 'ol gal to write every.single.day. Pray for me?   

Some other 31 Day collectives I'm loving: Shelly @ Redemptions BeautyAmber Haines , and Lisa-Jo


  1. Beyond beautiful, thanks for sharing.

  2. Nacole...your gift never ceases to amaze me...the power of your words. xoxo

  3. Wow, that was one beautifully expressed letter of love! SO nice to meet you too! Love this.

  4. Nacole, you and Shakespeare... and Elizabeth Barrett Browning and I am speechless with amazed awe and wonder at the smack down of your words. my heart thumps and patters at the power. Oh your man, He has a precious partner in you, friend. Beautiful, powerful punch in the gut of man or (wo)man. You amaze. You weave words into the dark places.

    1. Elizabeth, you made me cry. You are a dear, dear woman. This love letter? It's my soul's cry. I am validated that it resonates so powerfully with you, friend. Love you.

  5. Holy, Holy, Holy...
    Nacole, THIS is what the Lord has always wanted us to know about his idea of love...the deep, glorious burning that is at once hot and soothing. The intimacy of souls who are bound in the deepest places..this is what the Lord wants for us. And I know, from my own experience, that sometimes, we have to write this to remind ourselves of that beating, that drumming, that pulling that sealed us to our lovers from the beginning.
    Just gorgeous.
    Thank you.



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