In Which I Highlight Concrete Words Posts and Give You the Best 'Round the Net

A few weekend links of some of the best of what I've read 'round the 'ol net {and some to make you laugh too--hope you enjoy! ~

Kelly Chripczuk-- Spring Snow (Remain here, Stay)

Emily Freeman--Why I Want to Subscribe to Your Blog (And Why I Hope You'll Subscribe to Mine)

Tara Pohlkotte--Reflection

Kelli Woodford--The Morning After

Ann Voskamp--How Hurting Women Can Help One Another Heal 

The Actual Pastor--To Parents of Small Children--Let me be the one who says it out loud

Kid Snippets: Math Class (Imagined by kids)

Beth Moore: The Hairbrush Story  

Dove Experiment Aims to change the Way You See Yourself --This. This! A thousand times this--if you watch or read nothing else this week--this one here!! 

Next week, our Concrete Words prompt is the Sink. I will be out of town at the Jumping Tandem Retreat--the lovely Kimberly Coyle will be hosting for me. Please watch her blog for a #concretewords post! {Something new--I'll still be highlighting a beautiful post on Friday (and announce it on social media), so come back here to see whose post is highlighted and encourage them!

Now for #concretewords highlight of the week! The writer(s) I'm highlighting this week for #concretewords are:

Ruth Povey, at learning {one day at a time} for her piece, Worship.
Kelly Chripczuk at A Field of Wild Flowers for her piece, Making Straight the Crooked    

I'm off to the Jumping Tandem Retreat, y'all! Pray for this introverted country girl? First time flying alone, and I'm so excited/terrified/giddy/ nervous about this amazing writer's retreat, the people I'll meet and the refreshing encouragement and courage I'll come back with!! 

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  1. thanks for highlighting me! can't wait to see you!

  2. thanks darlin' for including me. wish I was with all of you this weekend. :)

  3. That's exciting! Are you still doing concrete words? I was trying to find the link - up for this week.:)



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