And this is what makes life worth living....

March 14, 2011--The first post on my new blog, a delayed post--I wanted to start off where I started counting, and capturing moments with my camera. This is all about counting the ways He loves...it all started with Ann Voskamp's website and her book, "One Thousand Gifts", and she inspired me to start this blog, and to start writing again. Because of her, and her book, my life has been changed forever.  The first of these changes was the "love bouquet" that we made on Valentine's Day. It was an idea that I got from a posting on Ann's site, so I want to give credit for that. We SO enjoyed doing this together--it made for a delightful Valentine's Day!

And this is what makes life worth living....

Counting the ways He loves, counting every grace filled moment. And I thank God for this book, because it has jolted me awake. I was no use to anyone asleep. Now, now I am alive to the moments.

I have learned that moments are all we have.

When I lie awake in the night, body warm, heart beating fast and acutely, suddenly realizing that I have wasted moments, moments I can't get back--I take comfort knowing I can start fresh on a clean slate.

Like chalkboard washed shiny, and each moment is waiting for me, completely made new.

#1 treasure of a book, i have found

#2 how he arranges the bears, cards and flowers for all his girls

#3 how he said i have all of him

#4 black, white, & pink acrylics, paint brushes, two shoeboxes

#5 how Bella says in her angel voice, “it my valuntine day”

#6 how a big sister stays up late painting boxes that will hold gifts

#7after i’ve blurted out so many words, how he takes my hand and says “im holding it now”

#8 the feeling of knowing i’ve comforted my hurting little one in the night 

#9 how that we didnt wake him and he rested

#10 knowing this is true love’s sacrifice

#11 satisfaction in serving

#12 how Ivy comes to me and says “Mama, im so happy you got pregnant with Lilly because i love her!”

#13 him whipping into the parking lot of my favorite restaurant on a whim

#14 sharing a good meal, wine, and laughter together

#15 after all these years and all these tears, he is the only one for me

#16 how he makes my heart skip wildly, makes my eyes get wet

#17 Lilly, toddling unsteadlily on polished pine, her tiny voice like music

#18 Ivy’s startling little fairy voice, “Mama, look!”, and curious little floating specks in rays of light

#19 Lorna whispers in his ear, “get dressed, go to the store, get the candy for the bags and then Mama wont be upset”

#20 he helps her arrange cookies in heart outlined bags

#21 knowing that when i wake in the morning after giving sleep over to words, numbers, books, and sick children–His grace will be there for the drinking…..

to drink in more grace, or just to get more of an understanding of what inspired me so, and what changed my life forever...go to this site...it is simply amazing, and a breath of fresh air....... onethousandgifts.com or just click the button at the bottom of the page:


  1. Hi friend! I'm thrilled to be the first commentor and follower on your site. You have always done a lovely job with your photo-journaling; thanks for letting us take a peek into your life-journaling. It will be an encouragment to many a woman, I am sure. Blessings to you, your husband, and beautiful babies. Love, April

  2. I'm so happy too, April! I can always count on you! always my cheerleader, as you say, or i say, i forget who says what, we've been friends so long. that's comforting. :D i have a follower, yay! you always surprise me with your kindness and compliments--thank you so, so much.

  3. I’m here from Ann’s.

    Even though it’s Thursday I’m still reading the lists. I heart these lists. And now I come to yours… and is this your first post? I’m honored :) And because since beginning blogging I have prayed for more marriages than I ever have before – and I just prayed for yours – my favorite from your list is #15 after all these years and all these tears, he is the only one for me.

    May God Bless and Keep you and all of yours this day

  4. yes! and thank you, Craig! i <3 the lists too! something really special.

  5. Isn't it true that we only have moments???!!! I'm learning that, too. The book has forever changed my life. I don't think anyone can come away from it unchanged -- either to say yes, and be willing to see the good in every moment, or to say no, and continue on in blindness. Your pictures are so wonderful, and your list special! Thank you, and it has been a blessing to be here today!

  6. Nacole!!!!! yay!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I LOVE IT. i love you, dear friend... Cora and Craig, who knew??? i like this blogging world, intriguing!:) and SO encouraging. what a blessing it is to read your thoughts here. i second Craig's comment, these lists are beautiful things...full of depth, life, wonder, faith. when God receives glory for all that He gives...it resounds somewhere so deep. thank you for sharing these very personal glimpses into the life He's given you with us.

  7. thank you SO much, Danae! haha! i should have known that you would have commented here before i could ask if you had seen it:D im so glad you like it, and too funny about devil-berry. hope you get better at it! also, i am happy that you are so elated about seeing my words that i have written to you. i hope that is okay, i was gonna ask, and forgot. love you, dear friend! and i LOVE this blogging world too!

  8. Thank you, SO much Cora, for your kind words! i am humbled at such compliments, for surely they are undeserved. i am so happy that you enjoyed your visit here, and thanks for letting me know! you have no idea how much of a blessing to me it is just to know that i touched someone i dont even know! wow!



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